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Bees Need Help!

A global tragedy is currently unfolding that has untold implications for life as we know it. Bees, those cute, hardworking pollinators that help provide a tremendous amount of the everyday foods we take for granted, are disappearing at an alarming rate. On the long term it is very worrying: biodiversity of ecosystems as well as the future of our agriculture are at stake. In fact without bees, more than 80% of the variety of the food we eat could disappear: the majority of fruits and vegetables would vanish from our tables.

We not only aim to inspire a movement, we aim to BEE a movement made up of humans from all walks of life, all countries, and all beliefs looking to make  make a positive impact on the declining Global Bee Populations.

Bees are “citizens of the world” and so are we. They struggle with adapting to a world forever changed by humanity and face new challenges to their survival.


Did you know a third of our food depends on pollinating insects? Imagine a world without pollinators. Global food supplies would be greatly imperiled, and so would we be.

Our goal is to make a positive impact on the bee community and our planet's future by protecting bees and their environments.

We're big on outreach, and believe knowledge empowers. Whether you're a hardcore bee enthusiast with hives in the backyard, or simply someone who is curious about bees, we can make a difference. No purchase is necessary! 
Whether you make a purchase from our store or join our newsletter to learn more about bees, or simply share our message through your Social Media, your actions are impactful and greatly appreciated! Your voice can help the bees!

We're still in the infancy of this journey, but as our reach expands and we meet certain milestones, we will shift from our initial focus on growing the reach of this site to actively supporting and contributing to the organizations and individuals we believe in. (See Bottom Of Page)

We believe the biggest impact we can have is through supporting those with more knowledge, organization and resources, those who are actively working towards outreach and solutions to reverse the decline of global Bee populations. Together, we can all make a difference.

Bees Need Help (Save The Bees) raises awareness through outreach and generates revenue through selling our own line of bee inspired products! We also have partnerships with various Bee-related retailers and wholesalers. As we expand and put the proper structures in place we will leverage the power of our platform and include you all in making direct donations to organizations on the front lines such as .


Thank you wholeheartedly for visiting and supporting our mission. Whether you make a purchase, or simply share our message through Social Media, you are helping support a global cause near and dear to us all. You can't imagine the impact a simple share can make :)

-The Bees Need Help (Save The Bees) Team

 Below is a screenshot of the emailed receipt we have received for our donation towards the Honey Bee Conservation organization for the month of June! Thank you for your support and allowing us to make this first donation possible!